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Honey Almound recepies bar

Honey almond energy bars

Developed nearly 2 years ago in an attempt to recreate a packaged bar my hubby had brought home, the touch of blackstrap molasses to this super simple and easy to throw together energy bar adds a depth of flavour that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Supa Crema de Linte

(Română) Supa Crema de Linte Rosie

(Română) Bucataria turceasca ofera o varietate de mancaruri si este preferata de foarte multi oameni din intreaga lume, aceasta avand la baza retetele dupa care erau preparate mancarurile in perioada Imperiului Otoman. Influentele bucatariei turcesti se regasesc si in marile bucatarii din Europa si in multe alte tari. Supa de linte rosie este este o sursa bogata de fibre, are efecte benefice asupra sistemului digestiv si scade colesterolul.

Humus de casa

Homemade hummus

I must admit the hummus has became a star for my meals. I order it again and again when I eat out and even buy it from the store for my lunches. If you like it too, learn how to prepare it at home!