Summer salad with mango, cucumber, avocado and curry vinaigrette

This summery salad with mango, cucumber, avocado, and curry vinaigrette is a perfect antidote to all of the heat, and it’s also a wonderful medley of flavor and color.

A few years ago, I confessed to a raw foodist friend that I didn’t much care for mango. She looked at me as if I’d just confessed to disliking babies or puppies. “I know,” I said. “I’m pretty weird about fruit.”

Not surprisingly, I suppose, the way I learned to love mango was by throwing it into my meal-sized salads. (I wonder if you could persuade me to eat just about any food by putting it in the right salad? Probably.) This mango and avocado kale salad is now a favorite of mine.

Tabouleh salad

To make tabouleh salad you’ll need a looot of parsley, this being the main ingredient of the dish. Technically, you’ll eat a parsley salad „seasoned” with tomatoes and cucumbers. Iar acesta este un lucru minunat! Daca iti inchipui ca nu poti sa mananci atata patrunjel deodata, fa o proba! Vei descoperi o salata absolut delicioasa si foarte sanatoasa!

Patrunjelul este o doza concentrata de antioxidanti, printre care luteina, un flavonoid care elimina efectele radicalilor liberi. Impreuna cu luteina, vitamina C, prezenta din abundenta in patrunjel, are efect anti-inflamator. Si mai mult decat atat, patrunjelul contine si un compus organic (miristicina) prezent in uleiul esential de patrunjel, care nu ca doar inhiba formarea tumorilor, dar poate activa si o enzima care lupta cu oxidarea moleculara.